New Logo Identity Design, Website, T-shirts, Vehicles Stickers for Deschilders Aalst.

Logo design, website, identity, seo. http://www.deschilders.be/



In 2010 we designed a new and clean logo for Deschilders from Aalst Belgium.

Since Deschilders where using their good name,
the projects came fast in no time.
Offcourse their quality and experience is one, two is their good name.

U see, when people search for a painter (schilder in dutch) the website ranks
number one in Google!

At this moment we have redesigned (2016) their old website
and guided the new promotion concept they just started.

Bart Seminck & Guy De Vos (BVBA DESCHILDERS)
You nailed it again, from logo to name, ideas and website. We keep you close to us. Big Thumbs Up Kontrast!


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