Full Identity Design for Buyology Aalst.

Logo design, website, full identity, seo. http://www.buyology.be/



2016, Buyology was born in Aalst Belgium.

Buyology wanted to have a very professional financial and futuristic look.
Their experience in invoice optimisation, Non Related Spend and much more
was asking for a new brand and company name.

We had a few talks with the Buyology crew and got the feel for it.
Four designs passed our desk, this one was the strongest and futuristic one.

Not only did we design a logo but we also made a website, A4 layouts, presentations, video, business cards
and we guided our client on the social media side of things to get the maximum impact.

Aurelia Verdonck, Valérie De Trift & Willemijn Martens (Buyology Team)
We asked much from you, just awesome, we are proud on our new Buyology logo and website.


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