Webdesign & futuristic website trends for 2017.

Nice Trends that give every new website that little more.

Trends often determine how the Internet will look like in the future. In recent years, the Internet is more beautiful thanks to the support of HTML5, CSS3 and browser support for rapid scripting. The "new" Internet is a unique environment that is changing day by day. Also at Kontrast we seek unique experiences for both customers and users.

Now the question is, what are the webdesign and website trends in 2017? In this article we will talk about the most important Web Design Trends you need to know in our view.



Animations can make a website very interactive, the possibility of certain content to react to the user's click behavior, or during a scroll, and even on time is something you can animate in no time.

Meanwhile, there are heaps of different animation scripts. A well-known one is Wow.js and Parallax. Innovative Parallax scrolling is actually a bunch interactive actions which achieve a kind of 3D scrolling when you scroll, an image or content in depth can give some kind of 3D feeling thanks to the Parallax script that works with a z-index.

Note, too much animation scares the user and can occasionally seem unprofessional if not subtly used. However, a subtle glow at the touch of buttons is very attractive.


A bold new way it seems. It is not interesting for any website but it can be fun to add an extra dimension to creative websites. So your company can use a close-up partially placed next to the original image. Imagine a shop or a project, creativity knows no bounds. We recommend that you do this according to the golden ratio.

For minimalist concepts, this may be a way to get that little extra.



Clever layouts are just a little more then a mobile website or mobile-friendly APP.
However, Smart is about the time and interaction in which content is moving, it will may already have been noticed on some sites if you use an iPad or iPhone screen horizontally. The content moves slightly slower (almost elastic).

It is as if the content is magnetically attracted to the website and will look for a new position on the screen after it searches for a place. The picture at the top reflects perfectly what the result is when all the squares have found their position.


You have probably already encountered it on the Internet, a website where the background image is a video animation. It makes a website very lively but sometimes it can be a disadvantage because of the load times that are needed. For mobile, you can use a mini video and higher resolution video on large screens.


Nowadays after some searching you can find nice layouts that you can download including icons, SVG's (Scaled Vector Images) and UI (User Interface) buttons. This can be very useful if you need to get started without a designer to develop an APP or if you want to save time not to design all the icons themselves. You can also modify existing icons to your taste and color. Animation and other things, you decide at design time.

We also did often rely on these packages when designing websites, especially SVG's are located in our taste. They are a few kilobytes completely scalable without loss of quality. Everything looks perfect on all screen sizes.

Thanks for the inspiration, obviously there is much more ...

Feel free to send us an email if you want to add unique things, also spreading this page is certainly welcome!

There are many great trends and solutions available today, this was just a small part of it.
This makes designing more interesting! (:

Frederick Alonso © 2017

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